Q! DEV is now Coffee Cat Studios

A small change in branding won't hurt anyone, right?


1/1/20231 min read

Please be welcomed to this very first article here!

As some of you may know (basically no one), I have been rebranding everything once again.

What was once called Quantum Development changed to Q! DEV, and now it has morphed into COFFEE CAT STUDIOS.

This small change was done in order to unify everything (both videogames and assets). As I was using Q! DEV for Assets and COFFEE CAT STUDIOS for videogames separately.

Now, as everything is in one place, I decided to create my own website. I will be updating three different sections of this site:

  • News / Blogs

  • Videogames

  • Assets

News / Blogs will only include information about games and assets being developed, while the other two are for releases. I will be adding existing Assets and Games to these sections so that I can go online as quick as possible.

I am quite excited! Hope I can share this once and for all!

Thank you all, have a great day.