Project: "Liminal - The Underground"

Small survival horror game I am working on


11/23/20231 min read

New project, high hopes for this one! Let me tell you a bit about "Liminal: The Underground" without spoiling the lore found within the game.

Unveiling "Liminal: The Underground" - A Dark Odyssey in the Liminal Saga

Embark on a haunting journey into the depths of the "Liminal" universe with "Liminal: The Underground" (or simply "The Underground"), a pivotal installment in the overarching Liminal saga. For those who have delved into the lore of Deviant, the very fabric of our reality stands torn and flawed. Certain points in space connect to the enigmatic liminal space, the ethereal "limbo" that serves as the intermediary realm between our familiar reality and the astral plane.

Conceptualized as the "Backrooms" of this expansive universe, the Liminal saga draws inspiration from the unsettling Backrooms creepypasta and the immersive game Control. "The Underground" emerges as a visceral liminal space, ensnaring those unfortunate enough to tumble into its grasp within an endless labyrinth reminiscent of a forsaken basement structure.

In this harrowing environment, survival hinges on resourcefulness. Navigate the virtually infinite maze, scavenging for crucial resources, sustenance, and water to stave off the encroaching threat to your life. Beware, for the longer you linger in this liminal space, the more insidious the mind games it plays on you become. Shadows move in the periphery, and an ever-present sense of being watched intensifies the tension.

"Escape, survive" echoes as both mantra and imperative. "Liminal: The Underground" invites you to confront the twisted reality within the liminal space, where the boundary between sanity and madness blurs. Are you prepared to face the unknown, or will you become another lost soul ensnared in the haunting tapestry of liminality? Your journey begins – venture into "The Underground" and navigate the corridors of your darkest fears.

More information in future posts, thanks for supporting!

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