What happened to Deviant?

A very valid question to ask...


1/9/20231 min read

Deviant is a project I worked on for a while. It was a distinctive idea yet similar to the projects I have I mind. All related to multi-dimensional travel, I was inspired by the game Control. With different astral/material planes, objects that have some sort of metaphysic power... they were all great ideas, inspired by a great game.

As I wrote on my Patreon blog:

This is basically a bizarre and diverse game. The main idea is that there is this place called "Astralis Motel", which is an Aetherial Location (a place that exists outside our reality) and connects to a lot of Alternate Realities (each room leads to a different reality).To be honest, the game is mainly a huge book (as it cointains lore to a bunch of games I desgined and intend to develop) and it allows me to let my creativity flow freely. This is a non-linear game, so the idea is that realities don't have a correlation, some of them will allow you to go back and explore the place freely, while others have a story to tell. Some other realities may contain only lore for some other games, and unique mechanics and level design.

I know it was a ambitious project, hard to execute by myself (it's not impossible, but I had to be constant in order to achieve the completion of the game).

Deviant has its lobby (the motel) and the first level (room 101) already finished, at least the structure of the levels are ready. Here are some pictures:

The rooms of the motel are created, they are all standardized rooms with the same items, but they are finished, each room takes you to a different level. I didn't design all levels, but I do have a faint idea about the stories that each room tells, and how to fix the timeline. The problem resides within the creation of the level, because it might be located either outside (I don't have assets to create exteriors nor I know or have the skills to do such a thing) or the map is too large and honestly I lose inspiration too quickly.

Maybe someday I'll revisit this project as I find it enchanting, meanwhile it will be an idea, badly executed and with a lot of potential. I should re-write the story of Deviant, maybe make it more spiritual, dreamlike. I'm sure this will make a good game.

Thanks for your time and support!