Haunted - Devlog #1

A new project, with fresh ideas!


1/11/20231 min read

This is a funny story, I got susceptible to noises and lights because my friend and I played some horror games late at night (mainly Phasmophobia), and what better thing than to believe my house was haunted and be scared for the rest of night! Not the brightest idea, but at least it led to some interesting ideas about a possible horror game! I came up with Haunted. A survival-horror game. Let's see if I can finish this one!

The game's plot goes like this: you are alone in your house, and you decide to make a ritual! You summoned an Entity which intentions are unknown. You must figure out what the Entity wants and how to let them go before its patience runs out and starts hunting you.

There will be different types of entities:

  • Pacifist: the entity will never attack, even past the protection grace time ends.

  • Hostile: will attack if disturbed or if the protection grace time ends.

The "hostile" category will have these subtypes, depending on how the entity was summoned and what type of hostile entity they are, you will have various methods to cast the entity out of this world and back to theirs:

  • Ritualistic: if the entity was brough to this world via a summoning ritual, there must be a ritual to undo your previous mistake. Find the book containing this information (random position)

  • Cursed object: the entity possessed an object and thus cannot be expelled from this plane via a ritual. You must find this object and destroy it. Keep in mind that the entity will be guarding the object and requires a different method of destruction (you can burn wooden items, break objects with a hammer, etcetera).

  • Demonic mark: basically, no way to expel the entity. You better run and escape because that home is done for. If you have the mark, you are cursed forever!

The idea is to develop a functional prototype before the end of the month, with just the core mechanics. Then, I may add more features.