Haunted - Roadmap

What is the plan for this game?


3/30/20232 min read

Hello again! After giving it some thought, I believe it is important for me to create a public roadmap for this game. Mostly because nowadays this is very chaotic and no clear objetive is set. Despite my efforts to give it a concrete deadline, due to my personal life and work, I am not sure I'll be able to comply with my own expectations, so I won't be setting any date as final, I'll do my best to give an estimation but most probable thing is that dates are TBD (to be determined).

  • Prototype: this will have the core mechanics for both the game, the player and the enemy. The objective of this build is to simply test out the systems and be able to see what could be changed for the better. I don't think this version will have the Hub, because there won't be multiplayer. Hopefully, this will be ready before April 2023 ends.

  • Alpha: in this version, a lot of new features will be added, it will also include a revision to the Enemy's AI, to the player's interactions and the multiplayer system should be implemented. New custom maps will be added because the current map is a demo scene which I really don't like it to be in the game. The idea is to add some more personality traits and moods, alongside more ghost classes. Player's progression is also intended to be added here, as well as a tutorial and other core gameplay mechanics. This should be ready before July 2023.

  • Beta: this release will focus on bug fixing and minor new features. Graphic revisions and anything that could be perfected, will be perfected here. I expect for the game to be on Steam by then, and I expect Beta to be available to the public in December 2023.

  • Released (v1.0): the final stage of the product, from this point forward, every new major version will include a new map, a new ghost type or item, even new game modes. I have plans for a Ghost Hunting game mode to be added, as well as "Be The Ghost". Crazy ideas, but will not be executed before the game hits the 1.0 version. I expect the game to be released on 2024.

With this being said, I will continue on working! Soon enough, I hope I have a playable version and a trailer for everyone!

Thanks for the time and your support!