Haunted - Final Devlog

This is what will happen with Haunted


11/23/20235 min read

My absence these months was simply because I had a lot of work and I decided to continue my studies, so I've been busy. Nonetheless, I want to tell what will happen with Haunted.

Haunted, at this moment, is not complete... but its development is not far from being over. The current state of the game is certainly of a pre-alpha game:

  • You spawn on the map (random position).

  • The items required to perform the ritual are randomly spawned throughout the map.

  • Base loot also spawns randomly: basic flashlight, some candles, etc...

  • The enemy takes some time to channel their energy.

  • Spirit is the only class implemented. Banshee is programmed but not implemented.

  • You can either lose the game by being killed by the ghost or win by completing the ritual.

  • The main menu is not done, but it has the core structure.

As you can see, the game works by its own but it is not what I wanted to make a few months back. It is definitely a good game that will be well received and has quite the potential, but as you might think, it is quite a lot for a sole developer.

I want to rework Haunted, make it better. The AI must be polished, I think it is in a very good state, but it can be better. Some items don't have functionalities. There is no multiplayer system incorporated (I intend on adding the Unity Netcode for Gameobjects, but I need to add Lobby and Relay as well). I am not abandoning this project, but I will postpone it until I have some time to finish it. I want to add a few custom maps and finish coding the AI with their different ghost types. At this time, this game is unfinished, I spent a lot of money on the assets so hopefully I can make something out of it.

For now, I'll be working on another, smaller, project: "Liminal - Underground". It is not the final name, a WIP but I will be using the bases of Haunted (player and interaction) to make this game. I'll post about Liminal - Underground in a moment, to keep you posted.

Thanks for the support.

It was nice...