Haunted - Devlog #2

Some updates regarding the enemy, game flow and equipment!


3/11/20235 min read

So, I wasn't able to develop such working prototype by the end of the month. I ended up working on the enemy script, also the functionality of doors, closets and drawers, because that is a crucial mechanic when being chased by the ghost.

One of the core features of Haunted is the procedural ghost. Each ghost has a base class, personality traits, and mood that will affect their behavior, as well as strong and weak points that will make each game different.


There are seven initial classes of ghosts that the player may encounter, each with unique abilities and behaviors. I expect to be adding more ghost classes in future updates of the game.

  • Spirit: this ghost is said to be the restless soul of someone who perished. They roam the halls of the haunted house, searching for something that was lost in life. Their presence is felt as a cold breeze, and their moans echo throughout the location. The Spirit is the most common and basic type of ghost, with no special modifiers or behaviors. Despite being the most basic type of ghost, they should not be underestimated as they can still cause significant harm to those who cross their path.

  • Banshee: this ghost is known for its piercing wails that can drive any mortal to madness. They were once beautiful women who died in sorrow and despair, and now they roam the location seeking revenge on anyone who dares to disturb their rest. Their cries can be heard even when they are not near, and their presence causes the temperature to drop. The Banshee is a terrifying ghost that floats above the ground and moves at a much faster pace than most other ghosts without making any footsteps. They are known to cry during manifestations or ghost events, creating an eerie atmosphere. When about to start hunting, the Banshee will start humming or singing a sweet lullaby, giving the player more time than the other ghosts to prepare for the hunt. If they see a player while hunting, they will scream loudly, slowing and stunning them temporarily, making it clear that they are not to be trifled with.

  • Demon: the embodiment of pure evil, is the most dangerous of all ghosts. They were once humans who made a deal with the devil, and now they seek to corrupt and destroy anything in their path. They can induce hallucinations and paranoia, driving the player to insanity. They are a slow-moving ghost that induces hallucinations in order to weaken their prey's mind over time. The Demon curses certain objects and locations. Cursed objects that are interacted with by the player will alert the ghost, starting a hunt immediately. Cursed locations allow the ghost to see the player, even through walls, doors and items. They will attempt to reduce a player's sanity, making them easier to kill. Demons are known for their aggressive behavior and will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if it means killing everyone in their path. Cursed objects and locations have a hidden sigil, can easily be identified with a UV light or a magnifying glass.

  • Poltergeist: this is a mischievous and unpredictable spirit, they seek to play pranks on the living by moving objects with ease and creating illusions, constantly confusing their target. They are not particularly dangerous, but their erratic behavior can be unsettling. The Poltergeist is an extremely interactive ghost that can open, close and even block doors, throw items at players, and move furniture to block their path. They may also move core items from their place, making it difficult for players to complete their objectives. Although they have weak attacks, they are still a force to be reckoned with due to their ability to manipulate the environment around them.

  • Wraith: this is a vengeful and wrathful spirit. They were once humans who were wronged in life, and now they seek revenge on anyone who crosses their path. Their presence is felt as a feeling of dread, and their attacks are brutal. The Wraith attacks players more often to satisfy their thirst for blood. They are known for their intense aggression and will stop at nothing to get revenge on those who have wronged them in the past. Wraiths are often associated with death and despair, and their mere presence can cause fear and panic in those who encounter them. When hunting, the Wraith will investigate the entire location, not visiting the same place twice. They go at a slow pace, yet when they spot a player, they will increase their speed and won't stop until line of sight is broken or the player is dead. They tend to lure the player to a specific room, and then initiate the hunt.

  • Phantom: this is a ghost that has lost its way. They are lost souls who were not able to cross over to the afterlife, and now they wander aimlessly in the haunted location. They are not particularly aggressive, but their presence can be felt as a chill in the air. The Phantom is just slightly faster than a demon but slower than other ghosts, they have the unique ability of being able to phase through walls, doors and any furniture when hunting, making them hard to evade, and hard to track, giving them a potential advantage against the player. Phantoms are difficult to detect as they tend to move silently and without leaving any visible traces.

  • Shadow: this type of ghost is the most elusive and mysterious of all ghosts, they are often associated with darkness and fear, and their presence can create an oppressive atmosphere that can be difficult to overcome. They were once humans who died in secrecy and obscurity, and now they hide in the shadows, waiting to strike. They cannot be directly seen, only their shadow is visible by the human eye. They are not particularly dangerous, but their invisibility can make them hard to track. The Shadow will not initiate a hunt unless it's dark, so keeping lights on might be an effective way to keep them from attacking, but keep in mind that every spirit has its patience, and eventually, they overcome everything.

Personality Traits

These are direct modifiers of the ghost's behavior.

  • Eagle-eye: can see further.

  • Short-sighted: can only see nearby themselves.

  • Blind: cannot see at all (hearing enhanced).

  • Athletic: faster.

  • Frail: slower.

  • Coward: weak point will have double effect (incenses will make the ghost run away twice as fast, twice as far).

  • Alert: better hearing.

  • Calm: tends to attack less often.

  • Aggressive: tends to attack more often.

  • Curious: longer investigation periods, may or may not search for player in hiding spots.

  • Paranoid: might go to a random room to investigate.

  • Silent: does not produce loud sounds (whispers, lighter footsteps).

  • Loud: produces only loud noises (yells, throws items, etc.).

These are just some of the traits. Some ghosts won't be able to have these, like Banshees cannot be Athletic as it would make her impossible to escape.


These are modifiers like personality traits but acquired during the match. Ghosts can change their behavior during a game to better adapt to the player's playstyle. Here are some moods:

  • Enraged

  • Scared

  • Calm

  • Aggressive

  • Provoked

Some behaviors are acquired after performing certain actions:

  • Ghosts will acquire "Scared" when an incense is activated, but then they will acquire the "Enraged" mood. This is temporal and will be lost after the ghost hunts or kills a player.

And that's all for now. I'll keep working on the game to have a working prototype. You play against a base Spirit. Then I'll add everything else, including multiplayer. Thank you so much!

The idea is to develop a functional prototype before the end of the month, with just the core mechanics. Then, I may add more features.