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1/4/20231 min read

Long story short, I wanted to make functional subtitles for my game. I bought an asset for U$D 5, it was cheap at the time. It worked fine, with some issues like the text couldn't be resized, so I was stuck with a fixed font size (and it was like, microscopic for higher resolutions), you couldn't switch fonts easily... it was a disaster, but at least it worked (kind of).

The problem was that a few days later, the asset was deprecated. Yes, deprecated. I still used it, but it wasn't working properly. I decided to give up and create my own asset and publish it.

Thanks to Unity Asset Store, I am unable to list it for U$D [1 / 2 / 3], so either I list it for U$D 5 or for free. I rather have them free for everyone. Hopefully I can rely on kindness someday!

Now, let's get technical:

A simple yet powerful subtitle system for your projects! Here is a list with all the system's features:

  • SIMPLE SET-UP: super simple to set-up!

  • RICH TEXT: use rich text for customization of your text!

  • VERSATILE: multiple ways to utilize this asset!

  • SIMPLE USAGE: no complicated functions!

  • DRAG AND DROP: simply drop the only prefab into your Canvas and done!

Hope you find this useful!