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1/3/20231 min read

I used to do tons of survival prototypes, because I loved the genre so much, I tried making my first game fo that type. Zombie survival, yeah, back in 2012 when it was a thing. I tried perfecting the technique to make a functional, flexible and powerful survival status manager.

Everything began when I was developing "The Last Survivor", and I created a status called "toxivity" (you see where this is going). 13-year-old me never heard about code refactoring // variable renaming, so I thought I had to rewrite "toxicity" everywhere! So, I created this to just write the name once and then the rest is easy.

I can create a new survival status in a matter of seconds, whatever it is: temperature, illness, just name it... you just added one new item to the list and boom, done.

So, to be technical, this is a time-based status system that will allow you to easily implement player statuses to your game. Create custom statuses (health, mana, hunger, thirst, stamina). Allowing you to create as many as your game needs. Link it with a Text (TextMeshPro recommended) or a Slider (or, basically, to any UI element.

Simple to set up. Easy to use. And the best of all of this? It's free!