A short technical demo / experience.


1/5/20231 min read

There is some sort of story to this "game" I made. I could define a personal point of view as well as a technical/business one.

I made a huge investment in new High-Quality Assets (houses, suburbs, office, both interiors and exteriors). It was around U$D 100, which may not be much for some, it was quite a lot of money here in my country (see About if you are interested about that). At that time, around AR$ 25.000 were invested in these assets, half of what was the minimum wage back then (inflation, yay!).

On the other hand, I was in a long-distance relationship (I mean it was not that far, 80 kilometers to be precise, but we were not able to see each other during the week). Feelings are hard, so I found no better way to describe my feelings than to simply write a short love letter and make it an interactive experience.

It is still just a walking simulator, yet I was able to test a bunch of things in just 5 minutes of gamplay:

  • HQ Assets (office + interiors)

  • Dynamic text (english - español)

  • Custom subtitles system

  • Basic environment interaction

  • Persistance

  • Music

  • SFX (these don't work, yikes)

  • Light baking

  • Mesh optimization

This is not technically a game, but a technical demo. Still, I wanted to share it as these assets were kind of expensive and... why not? I figured that it was best to share my progress anyways. After all, any kind of progress is still progress! And I caused a great impression on my significant other ;)

Feel free to download this from